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The Resort

Bunga Prime Resort is located along the coast in the village of Bunga, Municipality of Cabucgayan in Biliran province. It is about 34 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Naval and can be reached by bus or van on regular route from Naval to Bunga.


The resort offers a hotel/motel of 12 different accomodating rooms with a magnificant view overlooking the blue water of Carigara Bay. An endless magnificent sight of Leyte island and mountain view which can be seen from hotel balconies and windows. Several of our hotel balconies have great views of the swimming pool which is filled with clean and natural spring water or the opportunity to swim in the ocean to our floating house overlooking the horizon. The resort also offers a self service foreign style kitchen which guests are more than welcome to use. It is equipped with all the appliances and cookery available to make a home cooked meal.

Available for Hire : Kayak & Paddle board 

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